Melody Money


Artist Information for Melody Money

For me what makes a piece of art sing is a combination of the details and the quality of the light. I try to celebrate everyday moments. The wind through the grass, birds in flight, the way the light makes the snow shimmer, light reflected on water, the musicality of starlight are all images full of radiance.

I love the process of many details coming together to form an essence of a place in time. The journey is as important as the finished piece. I am motivated to take a medium that is traditionally worked on a smaller scale and expand it to a larger vision.  I welcome the opportunity to go over the top with detail.

The use of textiles has enabled me to incorporate texture into my paintings. The fabric softens the edges and warms the final piece.

But mostly for me, it is about the shimmer of light. I try to capture that moment of grace when the angle of the light will resonate. I want to share an appreciation of the quiet loveliness of everyday moments.

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Lake Reflections

Lake Reflections45 L X 41 W   Photo by Les Keeney

On an early morning hike I was fascinated by the reflection of the sun over the water and how it played over the rocks beneath the surface.

Starlight on the Peak

Starlight on the Peak24 W X 23 L   Photo by Les Keeney

On a late night drive home through the mountains on a full moon night, I was struck with the beauty of the light on the nearby peak.

Sparrows in the Meadow

Sparrows in the Meadow20 L X 40 W   Photo by Les Keeney

After a lush rainy spring, the grasses in the meadow near my home were long and lovely in the wind. A flock of sparrows flew joyfully in and out of the wind blown grasses.

Moonlit Morning

Moonlit Morning17 W X 41 L   Photo by Les Keeney

On an early morning in the mountains the moon was still visible. The clear sky shimmered in the cold mountain air, and the snow sparkled in the light.

Sky Prayers- Memory of Sky

Sky Prayers- Memory of Sky41 W X 51 L   Photo by Les Keeney

For many Tibetans home is a memory. I tried to capture the essence of that memory, how it would distill into the feel of the wind, the quality of the light, and a memory of mountains and clouds.