Julia Graber

1444 Davis Rd.
Brooksville, MS



Artist Information for Julia Graber

I enjoy the challenge of taking and old familiar quilt block and turning it into a new and innovative quilt or piece of fiber art. I'm also drawn to bright, bold, and brassy colors to help bring my work to life.


And then too, I love the challenge of taking an image, whether from a photograph, nature, or in my mind, and creating it with fabric and thread. My work is representational and often minimizes detail.


It brings me joy when viewers of my work are drawn in for a closer look. I'm encouraged when they study the piece and discover with delight that it is not just another quilt but an expressive and compelling piece of fiber art.

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New York Fiesta

New York Fiesta54" X 54"  

This quilt celebrates the colorful, festive and vibrant contributions people from all walks of life make to New York, and to America. New York City's historical role as a gateway for immigrants has created a city overflowing with art, traditions, and cultures from all over the world. In fact, as many as 800 languages are spoken there, making it quite possibly the most linguistically diverse city in the world. Around every corner, a different sensory experience awaits -- sights, scents, sounds, tastes, and textures from all over the globe.

Bubbled Burgoyne

Bubbled Burgoyne74" X 74"  

The traditional "Burgoyne Surrounded" block was placed in an irregular grid layout. The bubbled look was achieved by turning and flipping the blocks.

A Plate of Pineapples

A Plate of Pineapples58" X 58"  

The blades of the "Dresden Plate" were cut from pieced together "Pineapple" blocks and appliqued to a background of patches.

Bubbled Double Nine Patch

Bubbled Double Nine Patch63" X 63"  

The bubbled effect was achieved by placing special colored "Double Nine Patch" blocks in an irregular grid layout.


Poppy13" X 13.5" (H X W)  

Square patches cut from and fused to commercial cotton fabric to form the lattice background. Simplified poppy fused to heavily machine quilted background. Finished with piping, binding, prairie points, and embellished wth glass beads.