Designs by Doria
Doria A. Goocher

5623 Madra Avenue
San Diego, CA2
92120-4713 US
619-582-8865 fax: 619-582-7172


Artist Information for Doria A. Goocher

Although I have a background in painting and mixed media, I prefer designing with fibers which I often paint and collage. Because the process of creating an art quilt is so labor intensive, I often ask myself, "why not just paint it?" The answer is that I love the tactile sensation of working with cotton, silk, hand dyed fabrics, batting and beautiful threads. All these elements create a finished art quilt that has dimension and texture not often found in a painting.

I am writing a book which will take the reader through the process of creating an art quilt from conception to completion. Titled "Anatomy of an Art Quilt", this book will describe the multiple steps--along with an image of each step---to illustrate the intricaties of the process involved when designing one art quilt. When finished, this art quilt will be displayed on a wall like any other fine art.

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Reaching (#2 Roots Series)

Reaching (#2 Roots Series)29.5"w x 46"h  

Yearning (#3 Roots Series)

Yearning (#3 Roots Series)46" w x 35" h  

Grounded (#1 Roots Series)

Grounded (#1 Roots Series)36.5" H X 32" W  

"Grounded (#1 Roots Series)" evolved from the idea of a tree's roots being strong, growing deep and seeking individual directions while remaining part of the whole.


Release31.5 w x 25.5 h  

Portrait #1

Portrait #119" w x 28" h   I painted this portrait purely from imagination. I bought a three dimensional fabric which had blank spaces between the design. I pictured a woman's face. Working intuitively, I painted the face with inks which filled the space in the three dimensional fabric.