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My style is mainly pictorial and usually quite detailed, with a lot of colour. I am especially interested in perspective and light and how their use can give depth to a piece of work. Buildings and steps and pathways always attract my attention and I take a lot of photographs when travelling, at home or abroad, or just dog-walking locally, which can be useful for reference when I am looking for a particular effect, such as sky at dusk or the way shadows fall. Occasionally I include a real place in my work, but tend to use quite a lot of artistic licence and will happily make a lot of changes in order to make a pleasing picture.

When I have the germ of an idea for a quilt, or series of quilts, I start by making small sketches and, when I feel I have something to work on, I do a larger drawing, often several, until I am happy with the balance of the piece, although the end result might still differ quite a bit from the original sketch.

My designs are drawn onto cotton and then painted with fabric paints before being densely free-machine quilted. I often use applique to create more depth and will paint and stitch the piece in detail before applying it to the main quilt.

My aim is always to create a picture which invites the viewer to put their own interpretation on the scene, so I try to draw them in, to come close and see the detail and think about what they see. There might even be a bit of a message.

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And Then Three Came Along at Once

And Then Three Came Along at Once43" X 32"   

My quilt for the SAQA "Made In Europe" exhibition. 

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem51" X 40"   

After attending several funerals recently I became more and more aware of the need to "seize the day" and not to put things off and end up with regrets at opportunities ignored. 

Decay and Detritus

Decay and Detritus 46" X 29"   

I wanted to create a picture of a decaying back street, adjacent to a busy thoroughfare, representing urban decay, with begging, graffiti and rubbish building up, just out of sight of rushing shoppers. 

Chinese Journey in Three Parts

Chinese Journey in Three Parts 60" X 72"   

A collage of memories from a trip taken with my son, who was living in China. My first venture into perspective. 

Holy Island (Lindisfarne)

Holy Island (Lindisfarne) 20" X 48"   

Memories of a wonderful day. Some artistic licence, such as moving the causeway and raising the sea level! A great opportunity for perspective and light.