Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

10 Baycliff Place
Port Townsend, WA
98368 US


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Aquarium #2

Aquarium #230" x 30"  

This quilt began with a small sketch made in 1989, shortly after returning from Australia and the Great Barrier Reef for the first time. I have kept the sketch for many years, and have made a new interpretation almost every time I returned from a snorkeling trip. The shape of the fish bodies and tails are a kind of fantasy amalgam of many different species. The colors and patterns were inspired by parrot fish and other brilliantly-colored tropical fish.

Bradford Fantasy #2

Bradford Fantasy #230" x 30"  

In the neighborhood near my former home in Paducah KY there are Bradford Pear trees which produce autumn leaves in an amazing variety of different colors and patterns. For several years I picked up especially beautiful specimens and scanned or photographed them. This quilt was inspired some of the characteristic patterns in these beautiful leaves. It is not meant to be a picture of a leaf, but simply a play on some of the design elements of the leaves.

Celebration #1

Celebration #130" x 30"  

This design was loosely inspired by a colorful fractal screen saver. The curving templates were cut from many different fabrics in the Gradations collection, which I designed for Benartex. The top was heavily quilted in an overall curving pattern with many different colors of thread to match the background fabrics. I then used heavy, #30 polyester top-stitching thread in contrasting colors to create a series of shapes that seem to sweep across the surface.

Celebration #2

Celebration #264" x 84"  

This quilt is a celebration of pattern and color. The design grew out of a series of abstract sketches, loosely based on some original, spiral quilting patterns that I have used in many of my quilts. Some of the fabrics were hand dyed in gradations. Others were painted in gradations, resulting in more visual texture. Some were painted with multiple colors on fabrics that had been manipulated into folds, resulting in lots of pattern and contrast. The free-motion quilting was all done freehand, with no marking. I just made it up as I went. I used many different patterns and dozens of different thread colors, matching the background color in some areas and adding contrast in others.

Jacuzzi Jazz

Jacuzzi Jazz60" x 60"  

This quilt was made especially for my solo show - Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry: 40 Years of Color, Light, and Motion. The vortex was inspired by the spiraling designs found in many fractals. The design begins with a very light center and as the spiral gets larger the colors become darker and more saturated against a background of virtual black. To create an eye-dazzling effect, I have used rainbow colors alternating with their compliments, an arrangement I call "intersecting color and value gradations". Half of the fabrics are from the various collections I have designed for Benartex and the other half are one-of-a-kind fabrics that I hand dyed in rainbow gradations, hand painted with dye, or designed and printed digitally. The quilting was done with dozens of different colors of #30 and #40 top-stitching thread. The smaller, sharper templates were quilted in "feather" patterns and the larger templates were quilted with a flowing pattern that incorporates a few spirals to suggest eddies within the vortex.