Clairan Ferrono


Artist Information for Clairan Ferrono

All of these pieces are  part of my TORN THINGS series, inspired by Tibetan prayer flags and Japanese and tribal prayer trees. 

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Bountiful42" x 7.5"  

“Bountiful” represents the summer’s exuberance.  The title is taken from Shakespeare’s “Anthony and Cleopatra.”

A Torn Thing Blowing

A Torn Thing Blowing46" x 8.5"  

"A Torn Thing Blowing" represents the monochrome winter of the north with its occasional flashes of brilliance from sky, water or bird. The title is taken from Francine Sterle's ekphrastic poem, "Rag in Window"; its title is taken from the Alice Neel painting. 


Unruly37" x 8.5"  

"Unruly" represents the spring in its tumble of pastels. The title is taken from Donne's poem "The Sun Rising."


Leafmeal54" x 8.5"  

"Leafmeal" represents the autumn in its multicolored glory. The title is taken from G. M. Hopkins' poem, "Spring and Fall."