Judy B. Dales

2254 Craftsbury Road P.O. Box 166
Greensboro, VT
05841 US
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Artist Information for Judy B. Dales

My early quilts were constructed from intricate geometric shapes set in complex patterns, but curves have gradually captured my imagination and my recent imagery ranges from realistic landscapes and flower studies to fantasy-filled abstracts. Incorporating curved lines into my designs has created a more fluid, graceful look which honors the feminine. The curved lines and shapes are combined with a distinct and unique use of color, producing work that has richness, movement and complexity.

I combine machine work with hand stitching, mix painted or hand-dyed fabric with commercial cottons, and use specialty threads to “draw” with my sewing machine. The quilting stitch not only holds the layers of the quilt together, but also embellishes the surface with a final and unique layer of design.

In this day and age, when fiber art encompasses so many diverse techniques, I am a purist. I choose to work solely with fabric, needle and thread, and consider the limitations created by this choice a challenge to both my creativity and skill. The curves must be smooth enough to piece, the shapes simplified to a certain degree. This requires discipline in the design process, demanding that each image is distilled to its purest form, stylized but still recognizable.

I enjoy working with commercial fabric because I take great pleasure in finding the perfect combination of colors and textures to express my vision for each piece. I have always felt an affinity for fabric and years of experience have taught me how to control this fascinating medium. Printed fabric, so diverse, beautiful and unique, is not manipulated or altered like paint, but is combined purposefully with other fabrics to create the desired effect, which, as a whole, is so much more than the individual parts.

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Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream24 x 28   Dreams, especially daydreams, can be nonsensical, significant of absolutely nothing, but lovely nonetheless: color, shape and texture creating a dream of loveliness.

Planets at Play

Planets at Play41 x 41   Planets are fascinating—out there in space—spinning, rotating, tumbling, each following its own destiny. The fact that they are round only adds to the fascination for me.


Floater21 x 29   At the time I was working on this piece, a floater developed in my right eye. The shapes seemed so similar that I began to wonder if the one in my eye had inspired the one in the quilt. I love working with these kinds of abstract designs. I find each shape a challenge and the colors can be whatever seems most appealing at the time.

Garden Pearls

Garden Pearls24 x 36   I love gardens, but I’m not quite so fond of gardening. This is a romanticized version of what I wish my garden were like

Little Wild child

Little Wild child26 x 36   I made this quilt shortly after visiting a family with a newborn. I was struck by the impact this tiny human being had on its parents. The baby, though small and helpless, had tremendous power over its parents and any other adults who happened to be around. The waves of distress emanating from the baby reverberated throughout the family and were greatly out of proportion to its diminutive size. The little wild child arrives and immediately becomes the center of its universe.