Tracey Lawko


Artist Information for Tracey Lawko

I create finely-stitched landscapes and richly-textured botanical still-life honoring the countryside around my studio in the hills of the Niagara Escarpment. My process is detailed and painterly. Starting with a simple drawing, I free-motion machine stitch with a longarm sewing machine on collaged fabric, layering 30-50 different colors of thread until the base fabrics essentially disappear and a complex tapestry results. While my work is realistic, it is not a photograph. Underlying much of my work is a sense of change: seasonal change or changes wrought by human influence.

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Newly Emerged

Newly Emerged10" x 8"   Photo by Peter Blaiklock


Monarch10" x 8"   Photo by Peter Blaiklock

Fritillary & Thistle

Fritillary & Thistle 10" x 8"    Photo by Peter Blaiklock

Spring Nectar

Spring Nectar10" x 8"   Photo by Peter Blaiklock

A black swallowtail butterfly uncurls its long proboscis to drink the sweet nectar of my lilacs.