Ruth Carden

1227 Manucy Road
Fernandina Beach, FL
32034-5440 US
904-277-1562 fax: 904-277-1582

Artist Information for Ruth Carden

My fascination with tiny bits of miscellaneous fabrics was born many years ago while watching family members make the traditional quilts we used on our beds and it continues to be the basis of my current work.  My environment serves as inspiration for abstracted images of trees, shrubs, flowers and other natural phenomena and the work develops  through the use of color shadings, light and visual texture

Assembling small bits of multiple fabrics allows me to build new materials with which to achieve the flavor of my subject and lend depth to the two dimensional picture plane while loosely adhering to the tradition of quilt making.

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Last Bits

Last Bits43" x 37"  

Burning Bush

Burning Bush36" x 23"