Artist Information for Sue Hotchkis

I create unique printed and stitched abstract pieces to highlight the beauty found in the inherent processes of ageing and decay. I seek out imperfection, in the insignificant and the overlooked, using a camera to freeze a moment in time, recording marks and surfaces that are in the process of breaking down, ephemeral, in a state of flux.

The core theme of my work is texture and surface, strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi. I’m interested in the relationship between the natural elements and the man-made, such as that resulting from erosion and human use. Nature has its own way of taking back, reclaiming the artificial. It’s this meeting of the two I find interesting.

I work intuitively with print and stitch, marks textures and colours are exaggerated, intensified to highlight the detail and complexity within the images. I have a strong interest in experimenting with materials and use a variety of media; the work evolves organically built up with layers, to create a unique visual and tactile landscape of form and texture.

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FragmentH102.5cm x W51cm  


FlourishH 38" x W 27"  

Included in SAQA Concrete & Grasslands exhibition.


LettersH 22" X W 27.5"  


EmergeH 91 cm X W 40cm  


GriffonageH 30.5" X 47" W