Cuauhtemoc Q. Kish

3535 Felton Street
San Diego, CA2


Artist Information for Cuauhtemoc Q. Kish

People are always asking me why I became a fabric artist and the short answer is because I enjoy the medium. I take great pleasure in quilting and working with fabric.

Additionally I love the challenge of capturing an image or an idea and then reducing it to a singular fabric canvas.

Having been a writer (theatre critic, playwright, et al) I was accustomed to writing pages upon pages to tell my story and/or inform the reader, but with fabric art I discovered I could do this with one single 'page' of fabric.

My art is both abstract as well as representational, principally utilizing a fused appliqué technique. Fabric, metals, and other materials morph into form as I use my artist's brush (a quilting needle) to execute my design.

I enjoy telling a story with my art or rendering a social commentary as I did with "Dance-floor; Orlando" about the recent massacre that killed 49 innocent victims in that Floridian city. I also enjoy interpreting nature as I am doing with my current series, "Canyons Of My Mind."

This latest series resulted from a trip to Page, Arizona. It was in this vicinity where I discovered the famously epic sights of Antelope Canyon. I was mesmerized with the constantly changing colors that inhabit this glorious nature-scape. After reviewing my photos from this trip I knew I had to interpret these gorgeous slot canyons with my fabric art.

I'm ready to begin a new series, but I don't know what that will entail; but I invite you all along for the artistic ride.

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Canyons Of My Mind6

Canyons Of My Mind631 X 19  

Abstract interpretation of Antelope Canyon photo.

Canyons Of My Mind5

Canyons Of My Mind531 X 19  

Abstract Interpretation of Antelope Canyon photo.

Canyons Of My Mind3

Canyons Of My Mind331 X 19  

Abstract Interpretation of Antelope Canyon photo.


Fiesta36 X 46   Photo by Gary Conaughton

"Fiesta" is one of my many celebration pieces.

Frida Kahlo 3-D

Frida Kahlo 3-D17 X 6 X 13  

"Frida Kahlo 3D" represents the suffering Frida Kahlo, the artist, endured during her lifetime.