Sherri Culver

Portland, OR


Artist Information for Sherri Culver

Faces, faces, faces:  the mirror of lives and the inspiration of my art.  Irregular faces, quirky or molded by life; joy in a moment; precious memories.  My goal:  to capture them in fabric.

My tools:  a ready camera, Photoshop, fusible web, value graded fabrics, very, very sharp scissors and a sewing machine that does fine appliqué. My preference is commercial fabrics in small prints as they add texture and create even more interest when the viewer approaches and can examine the individual fabrics.  I use limited quilting within the portrait, preferring to use it only to help the darker values recede and the lighter values come forward.  Outline quilting and more dense quilting of the background results in a portrait that appears to come forward.

Quilting is a meditation where I lose myself in the process, lose awareness of the heat or cold or noise or chaos in the studio, coming out of the cocoon still fresh from the experience and ready to return as life permits.

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Emmy Tovo

Emmy Tovo28" x 21"  

I have wanted to do a portrait of Emily, but was waiting for the “perfect†photo. This is one she sent me a few years ago and I think it shows the fun-loving free spirit of my adventuresome daughter.

Experiencing Life

Experiencing Life24" X 24"   Photo by Hoddick Photography

Experiencing Life illustrates the challenges of growing up in a world filled with beauty as well as moments of fear.


Waiting38" X 23"  

Believe it or not, this is a quilt of a pregnant nude. I have to thank my cooperative daughter and son-in-law for providing me with a photo and trust that I would not embarrass them. I assured her that no one would recognize her, but I am told I betrayed that trust. Fortunately, pansy based skin provided the required level of modesty.

Equal Value, Different Shades

Equal Value, Different Shades29" x 27"   Photo by Hoddick Photography


Ray15" x 20"   Photo by Hoddick Photography