Melani Brewer

3801 Bridge Road
Cooper City, FL
33026-1237 US


Artist Information for Melani Brewer

Nature has always been an important theme in my artwork and my life.  It provides an endless supply from which to choose when creating. With so many species on the road to extinction each piece I create is a way to preserve nature for all to enjoy.

My two passions, fiber and biology are used to create the imagery in my art.  I prefer a realistic interpretation of the plants and animals in my artwork.  I use painting, dyeing, quilting, thread painting, fabric manipulation, couching, embellishment, hand stitching and drawing in my art to make it come to life.  The techniques used depend on the look I am trying to achieve.

I have been a studio artist since 1994.  I have been working on my Earth~Air~Water series for twenty years. The series incorporates my careers as a biology teacher, anthropologist and artist.  I have been studying nature all my life.

I am a "naturalist" in fiber.

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Emerged20"W X 12" H   Moths are beautiful creatures of the night. Here the Polyphemus moth has just emerged from its pupae and is drying its wings on a log.

Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker15.5" W X 16.5" H   Birds are another favorite of mine to create. We have woodpeckers all around the area where I live.

Not Another Step Closer

Not Another Step Closer14.75" W X 18.75" H   This piece was created from a photograph I a walk of a burrowing owl in the park near my house. This is a juvenile. They stand about ten-twelve inches high when adults. They stomp their feet and head bob if you get to close to their nests. They burrow under ground creating tunnels with an entrance and an exit. Burrowing owls are endangered and their nesting areas are protected.

Midnight Pollination

Midnight Pollination21" W X 44" H   I grow the night blooming cereus flower that is pollinated by the hawk moth. They are a beautiful flower that takes about a month to develop. It blooms only one night and is gone. The moth is attracted to an incredible vanilla like fragrance.

Zebra Longwing LIfecycle

Zebra Longwing LIfecycle24" W X 49.5" H   Photo by all photography by Gerhard Heidersberger