Mary Beth Bellah

1855 Arrowhead Valley Road
Charlottesville, VA
22903-7741 US


Artist Information for Mary Beth Bellah

Working with fiber and textiles specifically is my preferred media because it is readily accessible to every individual and forms a connection so our conversation warms up quickly. I have quite a broad interpretation of the word "quilt" and enjoy looking at any new material (or salvaged item) as a prospective ingredient in my next work.

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Spring Tree Flutter-By

Spring Tree Flutter-By51 x 46 x 3  

Spring Tree Flutter-By detail

Spring Tree Flutter-By detail51 x 46 x 3  


Orange Blossom Tea - overview

Orange Blossom Tea - overview22 x 16 x 14  

Feathers Afloat & Ashore

Feathers Afloat & Ashore60 x 42 x 2  

Orange Blossom Tea

Orange Blossom Tea22 x 16 x 14  

3d quilted teapot with blossom runner