JoAnn Camp

Greenville, GA


Artist Information for JoAnn Camp

My art reflects my surroundings. Living in a rural area, I treasure the solitude and natural beauty of this place. My photographs are usually the basis for my work. I like to capture small moments that evoke memories and bring pleasure to the viewer. The details are important--the upturned sole of a shoe, or the glint of sunlight on an old tin roof--that's what makes me smile.

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Downtown25 x 33   Photo by Kenny Gray

Based on a photo of the small city of Haralson, GA. Once a thriving town, where farmers brought their cotton crops to the gin and families shopped for the essentials at Thompson's Mercantile. The buildings now sit empty and residents drive 20 miles to the nearest Wal-Mart.

End of Day

End of Day27 x 31   Photo by Kenny Gray

An incredible sunset on a winter evening had me driving up and down the road, trying to capture the colors in the sky, as it changed, moment to moment. It was all over so quickly.

Nature Reclaims

Nature Reclaims31 x 20  

Man builds structures, thinking he is conquering nature, but as soon as he abandons those structures, nature reclaims her dominance.

The Perkerson Farm

The Perkerson Farm18 x 31   A barn in rural Georgia sits on a once-thriving dairy farm. The cows are gone now. Only the buildings remain.

Lotus Bloom

Lotus Bloom14 x 14   Photo by Photo by Kenny Gray