Shea Wilkinson


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I create art quilts using free motion quilting, in a sense, drawing with needle and thread. Aside from loving the daily rhythm of the machine, I also enjoy the chance to immerse myself in topics that I find visually and intellectually exciting. My works are full of references to science, natural and extraterrestrial worlds, and mythology. Through my work, I’d like to elicit a sense of magic and wonderment in the viewer, preparing them to create a space where everything is permitted and new worlds spring up instantly. If reality and science fiction are two sides of the same coin, I will continually try to make art just on the edge between the two.

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Long Night

Long Night30 x 40  

Compaction & Drift

Compaction & Drift36.5 x 30  

Navigating a Broken World

Navigating a Broken World43 x 61  

Navigating a Broken World (side)

Navigating a Broken World (side)43 x 61  

Yellow Gulch

Yellow Gulch41 x 19