Karol Kusmaul

185 N Meadowlark Pt.
Inverness, FL



Artist Information for Karol Kusmaul

I delight in pattern, merging many prints to create texture and visual interest in my work.  Portraits and still life are my favorite subjects, but occasionally I also make landscapes and abstracts.  A longtime art teacher and quilter, I have merged the two into my current work/play. I rarely sketch or use photo references although I take many photos.  I prefer to just play with shapes and let the pieces develop serendipitously. 

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Lighting the Way

Lighting the Way50" x 30"  

I took a two week fiber artist's tour of Japan in January of 2018.  This is a place I found in a neighborhood near Mount Fuji.  The stone lantern and stairway led to a small shrine overlooking a lake.  I made this image using mostly fabrics from men's shirts.  


Enthroned34.5" x 28"  

Enthroned was created spontaneously. I was aiming for a fun, yet powerful woman, using patterns that I enjoy.


Boom!35" x 18.5"  

BOOM! was created on a day when the rest of my family was off working or golfing, and I was left alone to play! I channeled my inner Picasso and Modigliani.


Pottery23" x 19"  

Pottery is a playful, imaginary still life, with a focus on pattern, color, and contrast.  

Filling Up

Filling Up44" x 32"  

Filling Up was created as a challenge to focus more on the negative space than the positive figure.  I happened to be in the car at a stop light in Tampa when I spotted a woman all dressed up and pumping gas.  I needed to capture this memorable moment in time.