Pamela Allen

Kingston, ON CA


Artist Information for Pamela Allen

Pamela Allen (B.F.A. Queens University) exhibits regularly in both Canada and the U.S. Her work has traveled to Europe, Japan and Taiwan. Pamela has enjoyed several working vacations in El Paso Texas, Tucson Arizona, Ventura California, Tuscany Italy, and an artist’s residency in Pouch Cove Newfoundland. She works at her art full time and enjoys a spacious studio in her Kingston, home.

Pamela has taught as an adjunct instructor in the Fine Art department at Queen’s University (Kingston) Since 2002, Pamela has been leading workshops for fabric art in Canada, the U.S. She has won numerous awards for her quilts, and exhibited in many national and international quilt art exhibitions. She has had her work published in the Quilting Arts Magazine, Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, and the Canadian Quilters Magazine. Her work has been included in the recently published Masters: Art Quilt, and 500 Artquilts (Lark books) and Creating with Fabric (Tweetiejill Publisher). Pamela has made an instructional DVD as well, called THINK LIKE AN ARTIST! In 2012 she was awarded the Teacher of the Year by the International Professional Quilters Association.

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My Town on the River

My Town on the River 48" x 60"  

Exhibited at Quilt National 2012.

Malawi Laundry

Malawi Laundry 45"x36"   

Even every day chores are hard work for the women of the third world. Yet they are always singing and calling out hello!