Shannon Conley

Moore, OK


Artist Information for Shannon Conley

My work is informed by experience as a cell biologist and by scientific research—mine and others. I grew up in southern New Mexico, and the high desert and mountains serve as a continuing source of inspiration for work on diversity and interconnectedness in ecosystems. The work uses non-traditional fibers and fiber-like materials, as well as surface design techniques such as painting, dyeing, and screen printing. The challenge is to make a piece still convincingly identifiable as a quilt, yet employ layering, sculpting, and cutting to create dimension and shape.

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Topography 2: Crest Trail

Topography 2: Crest Trail 28" x 42" x 4"   

I am ineradicably connected to the mountains of my childhood in Southern New Mexico, here abstracted from a topological map as a memorial to that which was lost to forest fires.

On Dahlias

On Dahlias 48" x 60" x 8"    Photo by MIke Cox

I love the depth and variation in color found in flower petals.  I'm particularly intrigued by dahlias, which have layer after layer of petals, sometimes loose and flowy, other times tight and almost cylindrical.  This piece was the outcome of study of many different forms of dahlias.


Nesting44" x 34" x 4"   Photo by Mike Cox

My goal in this piece was to echo the repetitive, undulating feeling of knitting, and to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. My art quilts begin with hand painted cloth and a machine quilted base, and then are sculpted.


Twining53" x 27" x 4"   Photo by Mike Cox

This quilt drew inspiration from climbing vines; those that live deep in the forest, wrapped around old-growth trees. My goal in this series was to generate depth and motion and I adapted traditional fabric manipulation techniques to accomplish it.


Tesseract47" x 27" x 4   Photo by Mike Cox

This piece was part of a continuing exploration of shape, dimension, and connection. It was made from old recycled pieces ready for a new life in a new form.