Michele Leavitt

Saunderstown, RI
02874 US



Artist Information for Michele Leavitt

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, artist Michele Leavitt grew up in New York.  Influenced by her family roots in the needle arts and printing industry, she became fascinated with the NY art scene.  There, in the early sixties works of Louise Nevelson, Marisol, and Jasper Johns made deep impressions. Leavitt studied art and design at Rochester Institute of Technology and later earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting at Cornell University.

Michele has lived and worked in Rhode Island now for 22 years.  She exhibits in RI, around the country, and abroad.  Leavitt has earned awards including a RI Foundation grant for New Works, of $15,000.  Her work has also been published a number of times in books regarding quilts and textiles.

Michele is an experienced teacher.  In addition to being a drawing professor, she teaches Creative Quilting, Block Printing and more.

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Knit Swirls

Knit Swirls~ 20 X 20"   Photo by Michele Leavitt

A friend gave his Tuesday afternoons to my late husband, Tom Leavitt. They visited the library, went to the beach, discussed the news and much more!

Friendship Sloop

Friendship Sloop~20 X 20"   Photo by Michele Leavitt

A gift for the neighbor who gave so much help to my husband and family during my husband's struggles with his health.

Manhasset Bay

Manhasset Bay30" high X 37" wide   Photo by Les Brault

When a friend visited Manhasset, LI, our shared home town, I asked her to take a picture for me to translate into fabric.

Soft Shoes

Soft Shoes60" high X 48" wide   Photo by Jon Kenyon

Working with knits interests me, partially because the fabric behaves according to a set of properties differing greatly from woven cloth. Soft shoes represent the second set of experiments with knits.