Brigitte Kopp


Artist Information for Brigitte Kopp

I work in two different styles - abstract and pictoral and in series.

The abstract series with insertions of ropes and pearls and all kinds of three-dimensional manipulations depicts my love for different materials, structured surfaces and nature. This series also includes sculptures.

The other series are based on social themes, people, their environments and their relations. These more pictorial works are based on a combination of free sketching with my sewing machine and hand quilting/embroidery on layered hand dyed or painted fabrics.

As in fine arts, each stroke for a picture is important, to me each stitch in a quilt is significant as a design component. The idea of the picture, the theme is most important for my work, designates the technique, colours and structures I will use.

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On Her Road To...

On Her Road To...64x61 inch  

This work is dedicated to all women who have to deplore losses, whether the loss of their home, livelihood or even their relatives.

A Mother's Cry

A Mother's Cry59,5 x 59,5 inch  

Should not "Mother Earth" cry about all the destructions when humans wreak havoc? This cry is about all the destructions in Palmyra (Syria).

Why are you angry?

Why are you angry?47x37 inch  

From the Series 'Gestures'. I'm fascinated in the facial expressions of human faces. Each individual has his own way to express themselves, but even with all the differences in gesture, we can always understand.

Soft Overcome

Soft Overcome81 x 77 x 1,5 inch  

I got the inspiration to this work while watching a film showing lava flowing over steel beams. The fascination that a soft material is able to prevail over something hard could be thought philosophically; for example: to overcome hardness with gentleness or to overcome despotism with a soft revolution as it happens in Germany.

Babylon - we are all sisters and brothers

Babylon - we are all sisters and brothers69 x 71 x 61 inch  

Based on the Bible story of Babylon I want to point out with this installation that we once had been all brothers and sisters having spoken the same language. The text on the quilt on the floor says in different languages "we are all sisters and brothers".