Lisa Flowers Ross

Boise, ID


Artist Information for Lisa Flowers Ross

In my artwork, I am seeking to find the simple essence of a thought, idea or object; to notice things that are passed by in our busy lives or to see something in a different way.

Basic shapes, lines and a focus on color are the main components that repeat themselves throughout my body of work. Abstraction is a common thread and, in some ways, is my attempt to simplify the world around me and get back to what is basic and necessary.

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Leaf Stack #14

Leaf Stack #1450 x 50 inches  

Foliaris VIII

Foliaris VIII37 x 38 inches  

Leaf Stack #13

Leaf Stack #1340 x 40 inches  

Field Study (K3)

Field Study (K3)29 x 30 inches  

In Vein II

In Vein II64 x 35 inches   Photo by Jake Soper