Colour Vie
Gunnel Hag

222 Symington Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6P 3W6 CA


Artist Information for Gunnel Hag

The inspiration for my work comes from my experience with nature and its forces.

Through all my adult life I have designed and printed patterns on fabric - for my exclusive line of fashion as well as costumes for film and theatre. The complexity and depth of textured surfaces fascinate me. The visual textures in my work are created by screen printing, manipulating and painting Colour Vie pigments on the fabric surface as well as quilting by hand and machine.

I feel privileged to be able to share my knowledge of textiles and surface design through lectures and hands on workshops to students both locally and internationally.

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Caught in a Whirlwind

Caught in a Whirlwind38" w x 36" h  

Inspired by long, windy walks along the shores of Lake Ontario. Cotton, printed, painted and manipulated pigments. Machine quilted.

Hidden Treasures

Hidden TreasuresEach piece is 6" x 6"  

You will find hidden Treasures where least expected. Cotton, painted, printed, fused, machine quilted.

Rocks on Lake Huron

Rocks on Lake Huron22" w x 23" h  

Maniotulin Island, Lake Huron, taking photographs of the exquisite designs that nature offers up. The quiet, the solitude, the beauty of the rocks that show the passage of the ice after the ice-age - what a gift. Assemblage of my original photos, digitally printed on cotton, pigment rubbings from rocks. Pieced and machine quilted.


Greenleaves18" w x 18" h  

Cotton. Painted, screen printed, leaf printed, fused. Machine quilted.

Patchy Showers - Stormy Nights

Patchy Showers - Stormy Nights12" w x 17" h  

Cotton. Discharge, fused photo transfer, bead, hand quilted.