Valerie C. White

Denver, CO


Artist Information for Valerie C. White

It is the process of creating compositions that suggest multiple layers that fascinates me. I’m attempting to produce cloth that is mysterious and opulent; the idea of seeing almost invisible images created by color and stitch intrigues me.

As a textile artist, I have chosen to express myself using dye, fabric markers, discharging agents, textile paint and a host of wet materials.

I appreciate and enjoy working in a series. For me a series provides an opportunity to explore different aspects of an idea or subject. In this “Roots and Refuge” series I’m encouraging one to consider roots as metaphors. Roots, like people, are intertwined and connected. My intent is to challenge the viewer to see the beauty and complexity of roots.

As I moved forward with the work, questions arose: are the shapes and colors of roots influenced by where they grow? Would the roots under a church where there are many prayers be different from those that grow under a school? Lastly, who was there before the roots?

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Below Sacred Ground

Below Sacred Ground26"H x 26"W   Photo by Wes Mayger

Mixed Media Extensive Thiox resist Textile paint and Oils Paint sticks and thermofax screens

Would the root systems found under sacred dwellings be any different than those that grow elsewhere?

Three Seedlings

Three Seedlings20" H x 24" W   Photo by Wes Mayger

Flour Paste Resist, Cotton Duck Cloth,Textile Paint

Roots and Refuge series, seedlings and soil study.

Moonlight over Radishes

Moonlight over Radishes24" H x 36" W   Photo by Melisa Karlin Mahoney

Extensive Thiox Resist, Thermofax screens and stamps created by the artist.

I have been enthralled with the roots of vegetables and trees, this work was one of the first created in the Roots and series.

How Deep do your Roots Grow

How Deep do your Roots Grow26 1/2 H x 16" W   Photo by Melisa Karlin Mahoney

Extensive Thiox Resist, Thermofax Screens, Textile Paint

A question and measure of ones faith, and connection to a force greater than ourselves.

Refuge III

Refuge III26" H x 20" W   Photo by Melisa Karlin Mahoney

Marbled fabric created by the artist, Textile paint. Thermofax screens.

A study of roots and soil, that I feel have been altered and influenced by the prayers, concerns, and needs of the people that attend the church.