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I am an art quilter exploring stories starting with a photograph.

Vintage images, family albums and camera phone snapshots documenting my life are my primary subject matter. Every art quilt I make has a rich subtext - a hidden story. Creating allows me, as an artist; to think deeply about my life and celebrate the joy I find everyday



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Sound of Water

Sound of Water35 x 31  

“Sound of Water” An ancient Chinese philosopher named Zhuang Zhou said “You will always find the answer in the sound of water.” We are born in water and some are reborn through water. For me the sound of water is a path to quiet my mind and find peace in a chaotic world. This quilt is a visual representation of process of sound pouring over oneself in meditation. "Sound of Water" is included in SAQA's H2oh! exhibition. 

Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger in a Strange Land34 x 36  

“Stranger in a Strange Land”. The image is of my paternal grandfather. He is prepared for travel, with his heavy wool overcoat and his best hat. My grandfather was like most Americans who fled oppression and economic hardship. He was one of millions of immigrants who traveled here to a better life. It has been displayed at the Textile Museum at Georgetown University, the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center and the Poway Center for the Arts.

Aunt Gin

Aunt Gin32 x 34  

“Aunt Gin” began with a picture of my favorite at Virginia. As an artist, family photographs provide me with myriad of ideas to express in a visual language. The photo brings to the surface stories and emotional connections. A photo captures a moment suspended in time that provides a deep well of inspiration for me to draw from. "Aunt Gin" will be on display at the Visions Art Museum in the fall of 2017. 


Zazen34 x 32  

“Zazen” is a spiritual practice, often referred to as seated meditation. This form of meditation requires the practitioner to sit, focus on the breath and simply rest in the experience of “what is”. This art quilt is a visual representation of the that experience. At first I am surrounded by sensation: noise, mental distraction, physical distractions, etc...After a period of time these sensations drift away and I am filled with a sense of peace. "Zazen" will be on display with Sacred Threads traveling to various locations across the country.


Narrows39 x 32  

“Narrows” is photograph I took with my phone in early spring during a hike through Zion National Park. The day was cool but not cold. We walked along a trail called the “narrows”. The water leads you through a canyon and almost disappears as canyons constrict. It is a beautiful place. On this particular day it was almost silent. Peaceful. This quilt tries to capture that feeling.