Sandra Branjord

9903 W Timberline Dr.
Sun City, AZ
85351 US


Artist Information for Sandra Branjord

I am a self taught artist.  I come from a background in paper collage and assemblage. in 2008 I began a love affair with art quilts.  I began telling my stories with fabric and thread.  Most of my quilts are about the empowerment of women in general and myself in particular.  Through my quilts I tell the story of my authentic self.  Quilts are my way of dealing with my feelings and I try to cast those feelings in a universal way.  My wish is that the viewer is either deeeply moved, or moved to smile.  I quilt for myself, but if the viewer likes it that's good.  If the viewer understands it...that's great!

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Ringtailed Pussycat

Ringtailed PussycatH58 W38  

This quilt was created for and accepted by SAQA call Wild Fabrications.

3574 Redfox Circle...Find Your Yes

3574 Redfox Circle...Find Your YesH66 W51  

This quilt was created for the HOME call for the 2014 Houston quilt show. It was accepted and is now traveling.

Still I Rise

Still I RiseH50 W39  

this quilt was created for the 2014 SAQA exhibition Celebrating Silver.

Obsession 2

Obsession 2H50 W30.5  

This quilt is about the life of Artist Frieda Kahlo and her obsession with artist Diego Rivera.


SurvivorH 43 W 44  

This quilt was created as my statement on breast cancer and is dedicated to my sisters Elaine and Mona...both survivors.