Giny Dixon

Danville, CA1


Artist Information for Giny Dixon

My career has been in construction management, space planning, and interior design. My creative life has included surface design, textiles and quilting. Color, texture, pattern and materials—the hard surfaces of wood, tile, stone and metals, as well as the soft surfaces of textiles—have been the focus in my professional and creative life.

Ultimately, creating my own fabric became the foundation for the work and the cornerstone of a personal design vocabulary. Each piece uses a free-form approach to cutting and sewing to build the segments of the composition. The quilting design with various kinds of threads in the final layer is all about texture.

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Sawblades 10

Sawblades 1044" h x 46.5" w   Photo by Sibila Savage Photography

Tracings of antique and modern sawblades used to create images for my fabrics.


Detour-Construction40" h x 42" w   Photo by Sibila Savage Photography

The serenity of the trees give way to the chaos of construction, leading to a new use of the land.

Sawblades 2

Sawblades 237" h x 39" w   Photo by Sibila Savage Photography

I find humor in using the sawtooth piecing with my sawblade fabrics.