Isabelle Wiessler

Alte Bundesstr. 55
79194 DE
+49 761 35331


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Statement Isabelle Wiessler



I am a mix-media artist with a passion for texture, surface and space and with a fascination for the endless possibilities that lines, shapes and structure give through a combination of stitching and mark making. This way I create unique abstract stitched pieces with a three dimensional aspect.


Flexible materials such as fabric and lutradur together with traditional techniques like stitching, quilting and piecing offer me infinite possibilities  in an experimental way.

First I construct my own canvas using cotton which I dye in the background color I need, then I quilt the three layers together in order to create a very unique surface. In the next step I paint the surface, following the inspiration given by the sketches I had made and which give me an idea of where I want to go. However I use this step as a creative process and might end up with a piece that is fairly different from the sketch I started with. Through the painting process I create a completely new structure, thanks to the third dimension.


I like to explore my environment, marks left on architecture by the passage of time, eroded landscapes, the fragility of the earth and the influence of human beings. Some ecological disasters can produce beautiful mixes of color which paradoxically appear even attractive. I am also interested in capturing the effects of light on landscapes, whether natural or urban. My artwork often originates from photographs, and is a synthesis of what I see and feel. Sometimes literal, sometimes abstract.

Recently I started to work on a new series inspired by “color to light”. My aim is to work on how light emerges out of a piece and how colors can help that effect. As well as to explore the question of how colors react with each other and how they influence each other.




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Burned landscape

Burned landscape32 x 24 Inch  

Surface III

Surface III34 x 52 Inch  

Japan Impression - evening light

Japan Impression - evening light48 x 24 Inch  

Urban V

Urban V128 x 76 cm (50 x 30 Inches)  

Horizonte I

Horizonte I40 x 40 Inch