Joanne Alberda

Sioux Center, IA


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Rhythmic Forms

Rhythmic Forms17"h x 57"w   This is the first of a series of works based on the unique characteristics of fly galls, the bubble of the stem of a plant formed by an insect for a summer home.

Seasonal Meditation Falling Leaves

Seasonal Meditation Falling Leaves62"h x 34"w   Falling Leaves provide an endless palette of colors, shapes, and surface variations enhanced by the changing of light from morning to evening.

Triptych Tales from a Ghost Town

Triptych Tales from a Ghost Town21"h x 50"w   The first in a series of works based on my photographs of decaying wood taken in Virginia City, a ghost town in Montana.

Diptych Poem for Wood and Stone

Diptych Poem for Wood and Stone30"h x 36"w  

The format of each half is based on the golden mean. A group of us were inspired to try our hand with this simple layout after seeing a show of "daybooks" by Michael James.

Diptych Blue Ghosts

Diptych Blue Ghosts20"h x 60"w  

Another in the series of Tales from a Ghost Town, this was inspired by an exhibition of work by Clifford Still, whose pieces reminded me of my wood compositions, but pushed me to expand my color range.