Artist Information for Barbara Lange

The overall theme of my work is time and the changes it causes.
Time, makes plants, insects and human relationships evolve. The ever changing seasons cause very evident changes in plants which are strikingly visible. Then there are changes that are barely noticeable – insects have endured evolution as the most successful species on earth, simply because they are able to adapt to our ever changing world easily. And then there are alterations in human behavior over time, which cannot be seen at all, only felt.  
Reoccurring motifs in my work are
- Mazes as a symbol for the sudden changes we are confronted with in life, not knowing what the next turn will bring.
- Spirals, which stand for the perpetual forward movement of life – seemingly the same but always slightly different.
- Gear wheels as a metaphor for our place in life and how we “click” with others.
To draw my audience into the piece and in order to stress the idea of change, I like to add  elements which makes the piece itself change. Flexible, three dimensional details are one way of achieving my goal, mirror pyramids, which reveal additional images when the spectator is willing to change his own standing point are another. Finally, I incorporate thread that glows in the dark – the pieces change gradually on their own, when day turns to night.
I create my work using a domestic sewing machine to piece and quilt the project and then embellish it with an embroidery machine. I digitize my embroidery patterns myself, using my own artwork as a template. Silk is my preferred media, which I hand dye. Even though I wander and experiment with other materials such as organza, vinyl or soldering metal onto my pieces, I always return to silk.

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Butterflies - The Magic of Color

Butterflies - The Magic of Color 135 cm x 75 cm  

Silk, machine quilted, machine embroidery. 

Butterfly Migration

Butterfly Migration90 cm x 120 cm   

Silk, hand sewn, hand quilted, machine embroidery 

Imagine If We Had Never Met

Imagine If We Had Never Met135cm x 75 cm   

Silk, machine quilted, machine embroidery. 

Greta Oto

Greta Oto 18 cm x 180 cm   

Cotton, machine and hand quilted, machine embroidery. 

Gear Wheel 11 - The Spiral of Life

Gear Wheel 11 - The Spiral of Life 90 cm x 130 cm   

Silk, machine quilted, machine embroidery.