Regula Affolter


Artist Information for Regula Affolter

As a Radiology specialist, I'm interested to illustrate and work
out several artstudies about the human head and in particular the
human brain. In principle, the goal of my different series is to
find out a way of talking in forms, shapes and lines or in an
abstract way about current and previous historical and social

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Radiation Synapsen

Radiation Synapsen120 cm x 60 cm   Photo by JEA


Golfersynapsen28 cm x37 cm   Photo by JEA

Graue Mäuse

Graue Mäuse100 cm x 100 cm   Photo by JEA

Big btother is watching you

Big btother is watching you102 cm x 104 cm   Photo by JEA

Crossing #11

Crossing #1173 cm x 62 cm   Photo by JEA