Art in Fiber
B. J. Adams

2821 Arizona Terrace, NW
Washington, DC
20016 US


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Six Birds

Six Birds18 by 28 inches  

These birds were photographed while I was on a bird watching tour of the eastern Sierra Mountains of Nevada and California. After returning home I embroidered each on an 8 by 8 inch panel. The birds are clockwise: A Eared Glebe, American Goldfinch, Wilson's Phalarope, Gray Crowned Rosy-Finch, Yellow-Headed Black Bird, and California Quail.

Wing Chairs

Wing Chairs28 by 28 inches  

I am fascinated with combining indoor and outdoor images, so these winged creatures found their way inside a home. Also, this is my quirky way of combining incompatible subjects and that is what I truly enjoy.

Wide Load

Wide Load35 by 31 inches  

Free-motion machine embroidered landscape within a truck. These oddly juxtaposed images are important to me and I feel of special interest to viewers for thinking and wondering about.

Nautical Narrative

Nautical Narrative20 by 20 inches  

My Father was a career naval officer of 31 years. After he died I saw some of his medals and ribbons and collected his final hat. Embroidering all of these images and composing them into this design, I feel this is a memorial to my Father.

Traveling from Dawn to Dusk

Traveling from Dawn to Dusk38 by 24.5 inches  

The first thing I think about when planning a trip is what to put in my suitcase. After packing the bag I dream about the landscapes yet to be visited.