Melody Randol

Loveland, CO
80537 US


Artist Information for Melody Randol

I work almost exclusively from my own photographs. I strive to capture the feel/mood/ambiance of a place by first experiencing it and documenting it with my camera. What is this place about? What makes it unique and interesting? What will I remember most about being here? The most important thing I take home is a sense of place.

The natural world holds all variations of mood and spirit from dramatic to serene, from subtle to overwhelming. Mother Nature has mastered landscape art. My challenge is to learn to “see” her genius, to understand her artistry. I spend countless hours perusing and cropping my photos to find those wonderful compositional jewels, to discover those fine art treasures created by Mother Nature. Once I have found a pearl, I handcraft the fabrics I will use to capture some essence of the natural world in fiber and thread.

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Still Waters

Still Waters26" x 54"   Photo by Kenneth Sanville

Silent still waters have their own story to tell. What lurks and lives beneath the surface of the water is ours to imagine.

Set In Stone: Bandelier

Set In Stone: Bandelier59" x 32"   Photo by Kenneth Sanville

Hunter-gatherers followed wildlife migrations through the Bandelier region more than 10,000 years ago. Ancestral Puebloans migrated to the region and began to build more permanent settlements around 1150. Cliff walls became dwellings as voids in the volcanic tuff were carved out by hand. Although these settlements were abandoned around 1500, the homes set in stone remain.

A Land Anew

A Land Anew55" x 35"   Photo by Kenneth Sanville

Recycling is essential in the natural world. New life springs from dead and decaying matter, and these perpetual cycles sustain our living planet.

Crystal Mill

Crystal Mill20" x 24"   Photo by Kenneth Sanville

Crystal Mill sits perched precariously on a rock outcropping just above the Crystal River. Built in 1893, this Colorado icon is accessible by foot, bike or 4-wheel drive only during warm months. Using small bits of hand-dyed cloth layered with thread, I 'painted' Crystal Mill in its full autumnal glory.

Spring Runoff

Spring Runoff78" x 32"   Photo by Kenneth Sanville

There is nothing more dramatic than the thunder of water cascading downhill. Winter snowpack becomes spring runoff, and water music abounds. Spring has arrived.