Fiber Earthspaces
Annette Kennedy

2402 Calais Dr, Unit A
Longmont, CO
80504 US


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Mountain Chapel

Mountain Chapel43" x 53"  

Longs Peak Rhapsody

Longs Peak Rhapsody32"w x 16" h  

Cliff Dwelling

Cliff Dwelling45"w x 57"h   Photo by Personal Photo

This quilt was created as a collaboration between myself and Peg Collins of Alamosa, CO. We used a personal photo taken at the cliff dwellings in Manitou Springs, CO. We wanted to emphasize the lighting coming into the dwelling from a window and doorway. Transparent textile paints were used to enhance the effect of the lighting and the quilting helped to portray the texture in the stone walls.

Pelican Sunset

Pelican Sunset30" x 23"   Photo by Personal Photo

Colorado has a semi-arid climate, where water is precious. We have many reservoirs to store water, which also serve as parks for recreation. Unexpectedly to me, we have white pelicans come here for the summer who fish in the reservoirs. We enjoy watching them as we walk the trails.

Alpine Forget-Me-Nots

Alpine Forget-Me-Nots35"w x 26"h   Photo by Personal Photo

In real life these flowers grow above tree line in the Rocky Mountains and each flower face is smaller than a dime. I first saw them on a wild flower hike sponsored by the Denver Botanic Gardens. The cushion- like plant is a perennial herb which grows to 6" high and blooms from April though August. I wanted to blow up the small flowers to a much larger size to show off their intricate centers. I used transparent textile paints to enhance the image and increase the visual depth