Susan Mathews

Ocean Grove, Victoria
3226 AU


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Coastal Life 2

Coastal Life 2107cm x 150.5cm   Banksia flowers have long held a fascination for me. Here I view them from above while the background is composed of procion dyed fabric linocut printed with repeat patterns based on close observation of these wondrous flowers.

Coastal Life 1

Coastal Life 1108cm x 135cm   My move to the coast reawakened my passion for banksias which thrive here. Many drawings lead to the creation of the linocut prints which create the textural background. The central banksia branch was free motion stitched on water soluble fabric and then applied to the quilt.

On The Coast 4

On The Coast 440cm x 40cm  

I delight in walks on the beach and all the treasures one finds deposited on the shoreline.Strips of monoprinted fabrics create a background which evokes the atmosphere of the seaside.Linocut and monoprinted images form the focal points of this small quilt.

Coastal Banksia 3

Coastal Banksia 340cm x 40cm  

The linocut printed coastal banksia sits on a background of monoprinted strips of fabric which, to me, evokes the atmosphere and movement of the beach area in which Ilive.

Shift 2

Shift 298cm H x 130cm W  

I was privileged to be involved in a project looking at the textile industry in a country town near where I used to live and making a piece of work in response. I found it fascinating to discover the enormous and far reaching influence that this industry has had on this place and its inhabitants. After the project finished I made another 5 works about this topic and this is one of them.The focal point of the piece is intense stitching which was inspired by the great "waterfalls" of wires attached to the massive jacquard looms in one of the factories. This image is echoed in linocut prints using a much smaller scale.My blog about this project is at