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For more than 25 years, my work has involved photographic processes, mainly cyanotype and manipulation of digital imagery.

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Swept into Eternity

Swept into Eternity56" x 75.5"   Photo by Deidre Adams

As members of the Cherokee nation were forced by the U.S. government to walk the hellish Trail of Tears in the 1830s from their lands in the east to Oklahoma, many hundreds died along the way, including children.  In the words of Lucy Ames Butler, a Presbyterian missionary and wife of a minister who supported the Cherokee and traveled with them, these souls were “swept into Eternity by the cupidity of the white man who is in the enjoyment of wealth and freedom on the original soil of these oppressed Indians.”

Materials: cyanotype chemicals, commercial cottons, embroidery floss, thread, wool batting

Techniques: cyanotype sun prints of foot bones (from an x-ray), machine piecing, hand embroidery and hand quilting, machine stitching

COLLECTION: The Newark Museum

Past Present: Snowball Effect

Past Present: Snowball Effect59" x 44.5"   Photo by Deidre Adams

Repurposing a vintage Snowball quilt top hand pieced by Sarah Susan Tyner Cooper (1878-1969, born in Arkansas and residing in Texas after c. 1905). My Past Present series incorporates traditional vintage quilt blocks and tops assembled by other makers to create contemporary renderings of earlier work.

Materials: Vintage commercial cottons, cyanotype chemicals overall, cotton back, cotton embroidery thread, spherical plastic beads, cotton/polyester binding, Dual Duty thread, Dream Orient batting blended of silk, bamboo, tencel, and cotton.

Techniques: Sun-printed cyanotype photograms on entire surface using hand-painted cassava paste, beading, hand embroidery, hand stitching, binding is machine stitched to front and hand stitched to back. 

Stem Cells

Stem Cells49" X 39.5"   Photo by Deidre Adams

X and Y letters representing chromosomes are stitched into the design. This work recognizes gender diversity, celebrating every aspect.

Materials: Cyanotype chemicals on red silk organza (top layer), layered whole-cloth commercial cotton fabrics, cotton back, cotton embroidery thread, Dual Duty thread, cotton/polyester binding, Dual Duty thread, Dream Orient batting blended of silk, bamboo, tencel, and cotton.

Techniques: Sun-printed cyanotype photograms of stems and foliage on whole-cloth organza, reverse applique with hand embroidery and hand stitching, hand embroidery as quilting stitches, binding hand stitched to back.

COLLECTION: Visions Art Museum

It's Only Rock 'n Roll

It's Only Rock 'n Roll24" x 56"   Photo by Deidre Adams

A salute to the Rolling Stones and their immortal song It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It).

Materials: Commercial cotton fabric, vintage 45rpm vinyl records, zinc washers, cotton embroidery thread, Dual Duty thread, acrylic paint, acrylic glitter paint

Techniques: Hand painting and embroidery of records, spray painting of washers, heat piecing of records, sgraffito in record labels, machine piecing and quilting


Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up! 44 x 32   Photo by Deidre Adams

Wine glasses--transparent objects that glow with rich color when wine is poured. But fill them with light, and magical, unpredictable images appear.

Materials: Cotton fabric in various solid colors, cotton-polyester binding, polyester batting, thread

Techniques: Cyanotype photograms and artist’s photographic prints processed in sunlight, machine piecing and quilting, binding hand-stitched