Helen Cowans

Wooler, Northumberland



Artist Information for Helen Cowans

Helen is an award winning, qualified tutor and lecturer, based in England.  She has been working with textiles for over 14 years.

She has taught City & Guilds to Level 3 in Embroidery and Machine Embroidery and she has won national awards and published and exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Helen has qualifications in City & Guilds Embroidery, Adult & Further Education.  A Diploma in Art History.  Qualifications in Islamic Art, Indian Art and Prehistory from the University of Oxford and Archaeological bridging modules from Leicester University.  In a past life she gained an Honours Degree in Biology.

Her work is informed by two sources; a love of colour and eastern patterns and, in contrast, the evocative and historical Northumberland landscape, interpreted with passion and a love of the hills and moors she views every day.

Helen works from a studio in her garden where she produces work for the wall, 3D sculptures and costumes.  She also works with mixed media and oils.  

She is experienced in photography, digital manipulation, graphics, social media and web creation.  Helen has recently been accepted into the Crafts Council Directory of Makers and as a Juried Professional member of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA).

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Blaewearie Dress

Blaewearie DressFull dress size   Photo by Helen Cowans "Of the Land" series. Broken old homestead on the moorland, red threads indicating the spilt blood in battles of these Border Lands.

Echoes of Time

Echoes of Time 10 x 12 "    Photo by Helen Cowans

Northumberland landscape - echoes of the past and ancient cup & ring carvings on rocks.


Moongazer12x10"   Photo by Helen Cowans Moongazing Hare. "Of the Land" Series of works.

Land & Sky

Land & SkyFull sized costume   Photo by Helen Cowans "Of the Land" series. Fabric marked and coloured with natural dyes, pigments and processes. Embroidered with ancient rock carving symbols,

Various Towers

Various Towers8" to 6ft   Photo by Helen Cowans Triangular Towers - of the earth, the stars and Eastern patterns