Hope Wilmarth

6415 Hickorycrest Drive
Spring, TX



Artist Information for Hope Wilmarth

Abstract design allows for improvisation and using tools in ways that break traditional rules. Coupling random shapes and lines, manipulating positive and negative spaces, employing minimal use of color all challenge my creative energy.

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Broken Promises

Broken Promises33" x 50"   Photo by Rick Wells

Sometimes the world seems torn and broken, the shards of glass that remain after a beautiful vessel is smashed or hopes and dreams shattered by promises unkept. 


Metronome57" x 42"   Photo by Rick Wells

A metronome is a device that helps internalize a clear sense of timing and tempo. This art depicts different tempos and rhythms in abstract syncopation.

Staccato IV

Staccato IV40" X40"   Photo by Rick Wells

Staccato IV invokes the feeling of syncopation which involves a variety of unexpected rhythms in a piece. It is the placement of rhythmic accents where they wouldn’t normally occur. The abstract marks making of Staccato IV appear to dance across the art.

Edge of Space

Edge of Space43" x 42"   Photo by Rick Wells

Space can be positive or negative, open or closed, shallow or deep, two dimensional or three. At the edge of space one is not yet airborne or soaring, elevated or lifted up. At the edge of space, can you fall off? Can you peer over? Can you step back?


Wings55" x 43"   Photo by Rick Wells

The sky is full of flying things…birds, dragonflies, kites, airplanes. All with wings…all aerodynamic, balancing lift and drag and the pressure of air above and below…all soar and glide and capture the imagination of poets and dreamers.