Hope Wilmarth

6415 Hickorycrest Drive
Spring, TX



Artist Information for Hope Wilmarth

Abstract design allows for improvisation and using tools in ways that break traditional rules. Coupling random shapes and lines, manipulating positive and negative spaces, employing minimal use of color all challenge my creative energy.

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Be Someone

Be Someone40" x 40"   Photo by Rick Wells

“Be Someone” is a phrase I see frequently sprayed on an overpass while driving into downtown Houston. The phrase touches me spiritually, practically, personally.

Urban Cathedral

Urban Cathedral 45" x 44"   Photo by Rick Wells

Urban Cathedral, evokes a sense of the vaulted space in the National Cathedral where I worshiped weekly while attending the adjacent school.

Who Knew It Could Be So Complicated

Who Knew It Could Be So Complicated 48" x 40"   Photo by Rick Wells

Humans and their issues are complicated. What appears random and haphazard in actuality weaves together to create a sophisticated and connected whole.


Encrypted 36" x 35"   Photo by Rick Wells

Black letters on ombre grey whole cloth present a bold surface design by stacking words without regard to spacing. The encrypted are phrases spoken by renown world leaders. 


Constructions57" x 38"   Photo by Rick Wells

Line and Texture, angles and straight edges are elements important to the surface design of this piece. Recognizing the usual experience of gray infrastructure in an urban setting, Constructions suggests a play of light falling on dark, geometric structures.