Artist Information for DAMSS ( Daniela Arnoldi & Marco Sarzi-Sartori)

About the artists.


As a couple, our team works well together because each of us has aptitudes and knowledge that greatly complements one another skills.

Our work’s main trends are in many ways connected to sculpture, architecture and perspective.

We have been making 3-Dimentional creations using textile fibres resulting in clothing articles similar to totems or sculptures. As a matter of fact we set up a special technique of cutting-and-abrading that allows us to expose colours and textures of inner materials used for making the artefact.

Other works are made by using a hand-loom which allows us to play with warp and weft so to create the most original fabric incorporating, for instance, macramé and other different patterns.

Recently we took up landscaping and urban perspectives according to our respective engineering and architectural vocational training. We reach our goal by using a special process that starts from a silicone resin mould which, once dried up, is used as a matrix for the resulting model.

Shantung, silk, resin, lacquer and embodiment are then interweaved. The “tiles”, as part of a mosaic being arranged into different flows, are not obtained by cutting with scissors rather than by tearing up edges with an original technique designed by DAMSS. Last step consists to apply the “hot textile” method as to transform all plastic material surfaces and convert in pictorial subject.

In conclusion, the themes we are interested in and the creative methods we invent to realise them grow ever more intertwined, while our expressive search goes on towards even greater spaces and surfaces.

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NYC the night

NYC the night160x160 cm  


DOM DE MILAN160 x 160 cm  


POSITANO23ì0x180 cm   


RIOMAGGIORE242x247 cm  


CORNIGLIA253x247 cm