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Artist Information for Marian Zielinski

This series began as an exploration of form and color.  As each subsequent piece developed, it moved somewhere between pure abstraction and a more representational style, evoking a synthesis of real, imaginary, mythological, and poetic spaces.  As I began to vary the axis of the composition, I discovered that using horizontal and vertical planes and placing geometric shapes in close proximity to one another very clearly suggested architecture—a sense of place, but a diagonal axis with shapes more distantly located conjured a sense of action, a sense of time.  

My oeuvre even beyond this collection is strongly influenced by my fascination with representaions and perceptions of space and time and traces of human history imbued in the style and content of places created by human hands, memories, and imaginations.  I am seeking to portray light that has resonance in the viewer's experience, color that floods memory, tactility that stimulates sensations, a picture plane that invite intimacy of distance with its potential to minimize or maximize space with its flatness or depth.

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The Stage Is Set

The Stage Is Set21 x 22  

At Play

At Play21 x 22  

The Place We Called the Dungeon

The Place We Called the Dungeon21 x 22  

An Invitation

An Invitation21 x 22  

Increments of Time

Increments of Time21 x 22