Judith Roderick

72 Overlook Drive
Placitas, NM
87043 US



Artist Information for Judith Roderick

I am an Artist, a Silk Painter who also makes quilts.  I have been painting on Silk for 30 years, and I batiked for 20 years before that.  I draw well, and love to depict Nature, the flora and fauna of the natural world.  I have a great Love of the Earth and a great concern about the current trajectory of life on Earth.  I love the beauty and diversity of what still exists here, and I do all that I can to preserve it, which includes its depiction in my work.  I intend my Art as a Blessing.

I taught myself to make traditional pieced quilts in my 20’s.  I made quilts from my children’s art in my 30’s, and occasionally created batiked quilts.  I did about 1 or 2 silk quilts a year during my long Wearable Art career of creating silk-painted clothing.  Those are all in private collections.  In the mid 90’s I stepped out of the Art world and spent 10 years on a Spiritual path of meditation and travel, an inner time of more BEing than doing.

In 2006, I re-entered the Art World, and after pondering what part of our modern world still pleased me, I started creating Nature-themed silk painted scarves and banners.  I painted what I saw out my window, in my travels, I my heart.  In 2008, I did my first quilt in 18 years. After bringing home my Mother’s button collection, and going to an Ethnographic Art Exhibit where I saw a NW coast blanket with buttons sewn on it, I came home, looked at a silk banner I had hanging on the wall and said, “That would look good quilted with buttons sewn on it.”  It did, and I have been making quilts ever since.  It is the most exciting and satisfying art form that I do now.  I started out hand-quilting, and after the first 3 quilts, which took over 2 years to do, I bought a new machine that could drop the feed dogs. Now I can do more of what I envision. I continue to love the complex multi-layered and meditative quality of making quilts.

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Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom58" by 42"   Photo by me This is a grouping of the birds and creatures who have visited my yard through the years painted in jacquard silk. The borders are printed and pieced silk, machine quilted and embellished with buttons.

Sandhill Crane Family

Sandhill Crane Family54" by 40"   Photo by me I love the Cranes that winter here in New Mexico. I painted the central image on jacquard silk, and pieced the printed silk borders, machine quilted and embellished with buttons.

Red Ravens

Red Ravens34" by 22'   Photo by me Silk painted red ravens, fused triangles and sewn buttons.

Midnight in the Garden of Cat and Iris

Midnight in the Garden of Cat and Iris31" by 41"   Photo by me The name came first. I pictured a dark yet bright night scene of a cat in the iris, so I drew the whole cloth jacquard silk with black gutta and painted with deep value colors.I sewed on iridescent metallic materials as I machine quilted and embellished with buttons.

Myself as a Bowerbird

Myself as a Bowerbird48" by 32"   Photo by me