Lyric Kinard


Artist Information for Lyric Kinard

My goal as an artist is to remind humanity of the strength it
possesses. In a world where too often, the images we feed
ourselves are full of violence and fear, I strive to uplift. In a many layered process I gather intriguing materials both old and new. I marvel as plain cloth is transformed as it absorb dye and paint. The meditative process of mark making with thread allows me to truly see and understand my materials and physically connect with my subject. Slowly order emerges from disarray,
beauty from chaos.

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Ammonite Dream

Ammonite Dream35 x 45  

Ammonite VIII

Ammonite VIII20 x 20  

Mill Wheels VII: order & chaos

Mill Wheels VII: order & chaos40" x 40"  

The structure and order of geometry the organic irregularity of chaos balance.

Family Ties

Family Ties40 x 40  


Essence40" x 40"