Betty Hahn

9623 W. Country Club Dr
Sun City, AZ
85373 US


Artist Information for Betty Hahn

I create art: paintings, quilts and domestic environments. I have always played with color. For 25 years I worked with interior designers, creating custom art, painting on walls, canvases, floors, fireplaces, tile, mirrors and any other surface that needed art. I also created quilts, having started at age 9 learning hand quilting, piecing and applique from my Grandmother.

In 1974 I began using the skills she taught me, making 1 or 2 quilts a year. In 2007, having retired from making art for designers, my quilting moved in a new direction: art quilts. I discovered my painting and quilting didn't need to be separate!

My work now is as much about painting as quilting. I use my domestic machine and my new frame mounted machine to add texture to my painted art. I sometimes quilt on the painted canvas, adding applique through the quilting process. I also have my paintings digitally printed on fabric and then over paint, applique and free motion stitch. Most of my work is intuitive, playing with color, line, shape and composition.

I am happiest doing commision work or answering a "call" for an exhibit.

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Land of Giants

Land of Giants23"W x 61"H  

my acrylic painting reproduced digitally on cotton sateen, over painted and machine quilted on track mounted machine.


Baby...Briefcase35" x 35"  

Acrylic painting on canvas, machine quilted on track mounted machine

Escape II

Escape II48"H x 60"W  

Acrylic paint on canvas, appliqued with satin and silk, quilted on domestic machine

Not A City

Not A City52"W x 28"H  

A magnet (grandson aided) destroyed my computer screen. Its death dance was a series of pixelated images, 20 in all, that looked like landscapes and cityscapes. This piece is not a photo of New York. It is an imagined city created with quilting stitches over a digital print of one of the images.

Artichoke and Friends

Artichoke and Friends40"W x 50"H  

My acrylic painting reproduced on silk, over painted and machine quilted on a track mounted machine.