Catherine Beard

89025 Sky High Drive
Springfield, OR
97478 US


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Vis a Vis

Vis a Vis29.5x49.5  

Once knowledge is shared it has the potential of becoming wisdom. Wisdom breaks out of the dark and shines on those who are observing.



Although we often see only the differences between each other, all are made up of the same componants. In today's world this understanding is becoming more important every day. The components take many forms in the piece making the outcome far more interesting and exciting than if they were all lockstep.

A Disturbance in the Force

A Disturbance in the Force31x38  

In every life there are times of somber color and disjointed events over which we experience little control. Although these periods can be difficult and painful they are often places of great growth. From the chaos of the edge comes life.

Sweeping Through Time

Sweeping Through Time51x31  

Growth and optimism are qualities that propel us forward, make our days worth exploring. This piece was made during a very dark personal time and it was important to keep this hope in the forefront. Bright, stark color against blackness shows the glow that comes even when all is dark around us.

Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack37.5x46.5  

Cancer-it sneaks up on a light and open life and turns it into a dark chaos.