Jim Hay

380-8 Yabara
Misato Takasaki, Gunma
370-3107 JP



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Broom Pig Man

Broom Pig Man42" X 96"   I am making a more focused image of what is close to me. I live in rural Japan. I see me. I see gentle farms. I see simple objects in my studio. I start making large self-portrait heads. One day an image of an angry pig jumps into my mind. Then I see my studio broom hanging on the wall. It is ordinary and beautiful. That leads to “Broom Pig Man”.

Tattooed Lady

Tattooed Lady40" X 56"   I like this lady. She stands so quiet and still, yet swirls and dances with patterns, colors and lace.

Lost Moon King  HOPE  kibou 希望

Lost Moon King HOPE kibou 希望92.5" X 90.5"   Our world has extreme natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, tornados, floods. So much is lost. A spirit of Hope must inspire the will to clean up and rebuild. Hope in Japanese is kibou. The kanji 希望 is formed from three parts: lost 亡 , moon 月 , king 王 .


Crow9" X 21" X 8"   Sometimes craftsmanship and technique are too seductive to the viewer. They overshadow idea. This piece is simple torn cloth knotted around a dollar store shelf.

Heron Alone

Heron Alone 24" X 46" X 12"  

Heron is a detail of "The Water Dances". When I lived beside a small Michigan lake I would see a heron walking on our dock. Now, living in Japan, I see a heron on the Buddhist temple roof.