Hsin-Chen Lin

9F, No.252, Sec. 2 Shulin St., West Central District
Tainan City,
700 TW


Artist Information for Hsin-Chen Lin

I am passionate about fabrics and take my inspirations by investigation nature to forge creations out of nothing. I am committed to educational research and had led social groups, project planning and other professional titles.

Fiber art is a form of continuous creation. Every procedure is linked to another, and perfection must be pursued in each step.

Needles and threads are like teachers, providing my artistic career with new knowledge and development. I can express my emotions with the thread through different forms, and receive enjoyment while sharing my work. I can investigate truths behind knowledge and discover the energy of a free life.

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MAKE A WISH112 x 88cm  

Spirals of Thoughts

Spirals of Thoughts125 x 150 cm   One’s inner towards environmental impact is full of conflicts and complexities. Perfunctoriness is spinning and spiraling between time and space, untangling the twisted chaos. Perfunctoriness and the twisted chaos are connected to each other. They have been conducted, changed, and overtaken under the same time space. Keeping the dark away and let the bright curve flow… I chose plant dyed wool to transplant into fabrics and let them flee all over my work. I expect my emotion to be as gentle and the tender beauty of transformation as plant dyeing with moving effect.

The Forest

The Forest360 cm x 310 cm   I use 113 pieces of fabric and free motion quilting to depict the trees and grass in the forest to show the vitality of nature in another way.

When Bees Disappear

When Bees Disappear88 cm x 93 cm   “When Bees Disappear” depicts that I am concerned with the deterioration of environment. I used the remaining materials and innovative techniques in this piece, and bravely challenged the reestablished sense of beauty and life concerns. People’s reactions to the disappearance of bees are that we will have no honey for our breakfast and stinging bugs will be decreased. Without the pollinators, there will leave a gap between envisioned future and food chain. Also, food shortage will come toward people. Moreover, it will cause timing chaos and compel mankind to review an altered value. Imagining that living without bees, the earth will become barren and flowers will be colorless. Because of lack of a harmonious combination of colors in nature, eyes seem to be damaged by light that never see the truth. Bees’ issues are a hint. With this concern, people should lay much emphasis on this issue, as well as remind people to leave the comfort zone. As being an artist, I cherish resources. Using the remaining materials to boost my artistic techniques is an essential challenge.

Warm Love

Warm Love90 cm x 110 cm   My mother once gave me a red sweater that was just like an angel to me. It escorted me through my hard times. One cold winter I wore that red sweater, and, magically, it not only gave me warmth, but it also brought me joy and luck! The power of it is as beautiful as flowers.