Kathy York

4202 Hyridge Drive
Austin, TX
78759 US



Artist Information for Kathy York

A long time sewist, York took up quilting while attending graduate school after teaching science for many years. She began with traditional quilts but quickly transitioned to creating art quilts. Her current work uses many hand-dyes and batiked cotton fabrics. Her work is defined by bright colors and graphic patterns. Her art quilts tell stories related to her life experiences. 

York has exhibited in galleries and quilt shows across the United States, including being selected as a finalist at the highly coveted Quilt National, 2009. Her work has been widely published and has the distinguished honor of the most covers for Quilting Arts Magazine. Her work has been in numerous juried invitational exhibits including Dinner@Eight Artists and SAQA. Her work has been commissioned for a children's hospital and is currently held in numerous private collections. In addition to art quilts, York also makes modern quilts and recently won Best in Show at QuiltCon2015.  

When not in her studio, she enjoys kayaking, gardening, and biking.

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Fluid Boundaries

Fluid Boundaries30" x 50"  

This abstract is about the constant and unrelenting compulsion to put things or ideas into categories with rigid boundaries, even though the groups have a lot in common, and even though the boundaries may be constantly changing.

The Heron, the Kayak and the Grebes

The Heron, the Kayak and the Grebes30" x 50"  

I have a strong affinity for kayaking. Gliding across calm clear water connects me with nature in a way that soothes my soul. In this view, I intentionally place the birds closer than they actually are because it represents the closeness of my emotional connection to this water world.

One Earth

One Earth47" x 47"  

I designed this quilt to show that there are many people on the earth and that it is just that, one earth that we MUST learn to share and protect.

Floating in a Sea of Symbols

Floating in a Sea of Symbols40" x 40"  

As I get older, I indulge in reminiscing about my past. Each ocean layer is comprised of an abstraction of shapes which have multiple meanings for me. This allows me to express my personal history while simultaneously maintain some privacy.


Development44.5" x 52"  

The rapid construction of housing developments changes the landscape, providing homes for many people and significantly altering the habitats of many animals. Will humans be a mere blip like a daily newspaper compared to geologic time?