Alison Schwabe

Divina Comedia 2041 11500 Carrasco
11500 UY


Artist Information for Alison Schwabe

Assemblies of line and rhythm in colour and texture, my creations in fabric and thread employ low tech methods to produce individually crafted works that either project drama or add a restful note to a décor while absorbing harsh sounds that can bounce off shiny modern surfaces. 

My work has always referenced Landscape and the processes of erosion and deposition that produce changes in shapes and textures of the Earth’s surface. My own life can be seen in metaphorical terms as a landscape being acted upon by time, resulting in marks and changed surface textures. Nothing stays the same forever in one’s life as health, emotional states, wealth, relationships, interests, and many more things gradually change, appearing and disappearing, gaining ascendency or fading in importance, constantly shifting a little in a rather tide-like movement of ebbing and flowing.

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Corona 2

Corona 2120cm x 120cm    Photo by Eduardo Baldizan

One of the most basic marks a human hand makes is the circle. Circular rings of light, the corona, are seen around the sun during certain celestial events. To prehistoric ancients the corona may have suggested the symbolism of infinity, spirituality and life cycles. Contemporary patchwork. 

Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time90cm x 120cm    Photo by Eduardo Baldizan

The most instinctive marks a human hand will make include the circle and crossed lines. Prehistoric precious metal objects frequently display symbolic expressions such as crossed wheels representing infinity, eternity and cyclic movement. Such basic symbols live on in all the modern world’s art media. Leather segments on fabric. 

Land Marks

Land Marks90cm x 120cm    Photo by Eduardo Baldizan

Hand painted, carved or chipped, patterns of basic shapes and lines appear on landscape sites on every continent. Change in landscape is a metaphor for life changes. Hand patterned mylar segments on fabric. 

Sandero Plateado

Sandero Plateado 90cm x 120cm   Photo by Eduardo Baldizan

Mylar segments on fabric. I love segmented designs, mosaic pathways included.