Therese May

1556 Wawona Drive
San Jose, CA1
95125 US


Artist Information for Therese May

I like to draw and make art quilts out of the many images that come to me. Lately, I’ve been having some of my drawings printed onto fabric and then making them into quilts. I have a variety of embellishment techniques to choose from, such as machine appliqué, longarm quilting, painting and beading to enhance the surfaces of the quilts and give more texture to the pieces. Art making has always been central to my life and I’ve focused on art quilts for a long time. I make the quilts that feel good to me and that convey what I have in my heart. I’m an artist, a painter and a quilter. I like to think in pictures and to share that vision in my art. When I teach a class or workshop, I offer ways of exploring techniques with fabric, thread, drawing and painting, but mostly I offer a way to find a student’s own voice or unique creative expression.

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Butterfly Number One

Butterfly Number One68x51   Photo by Richard Johns

I`ve worked with the butterfly image for many years and I like the idea of the butterfly and its relationship to transformation. In this piece, I have used flowers and leaves as the wings for this insect, showing how, in the process of transformation and change, something can appear to be one thing while it`s changing into another. I used a digital photo printed onto cotton fabric, thread, acrylic paint and batting.

Aboriginal Cat

Aboriginal Cat43x34   Photo by Richard Johns

I love the Aboriginal fabrics and cats and Klimt paintings, so I combined the three into a quilt of my own style, but, I made sure to create a pattern for any student who wanted to do the same thing, but, perhaps needed a jumping off point to make it happen. Much of this thinking is in response of my need to let go of the isolation of an artist creating unique work and the desire to come to terms with my willingness to share, belong and participate.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect56x79   Photo by Richard Johns

In this quilt I let go of it all and I said to myself, just go with the flow; have a great time making the thing and whatever the judges decide is ok. Either way, my quilt and I are Perfectly Imperfect!! Design Inspiration I began with a drawing of a rose bush flanked by black cats and made it into an applique. I love the images of early American hooked rugs, with animals and plants as subject matter, so this is often a starting point for me. I also love American quilts, one of them being the log cabin design. Previously, I had sewn together some pieces of fabric to make a house shape, a nice idea, but it wasn`t working very well, so I allowed myself to cut it all into strips and sew them around my applique work. Then I added some other animal patches to the sides of my `Log Cabin` to serve as `guardians.`

Prayer for Raining Cats and Dogs

Prayer for Raining Cats and Dogs62x57   Photo by Richard Johns

I chose to create this quilt because I was attracted to the saying, `Raining Cats and Dogs.` In my repertory of drawings I have many images of cats and dogs, plus here in California we are currently having a drought. So, I decided to make an artwork that would affirm the idea of literally raining cats and dogs as a humorous but sincere prayer for rain here in the Golden State. In my quilt, it`s raining cats and dogs and the pet cats and dogs are looking out the windows at the cat and dog rain drops.

Trees are Good For You

Trees are Good For You89x63   Photo by Richard Johns

I love Trees, because they are beautiful. I walk every morning and observe the shapes and patterns they make, especially the negative shapes, which are very interesting. I love when the spring leaves all come out, and when I can breathe so much better because of the wonderful oxygen greenery everywhere provides. Trees are truly good for us and for our earth! Their roots keep the soil from eroding and causing mudslides. Their leaves and branches provide shade for all of us and keep us from having heatstroke in the summer. While travelling in the car I often see cattle taking refuge from the hot sun under the big California Oaks, acting as giant umbrellas. Trees also give us the most amazing fruits, nuts and berries to eat. And where would the story of Adam and Eve be without the tree of the forbidden fruit where they picked the apple they ate? Trees have been subject matter for great art throughout the ages. As a child, I would often draw a house, a tree and flowers; the most natural subject matter for most children in their art.