Willy Doreleijers

Hoogt 9
3311 WK NL
+31 (0)78 6141553



Artist Information for Willy Doreleijers

I start making textile arts in 1997 and have a penchant for applying form, colour and several techniques in my work.
It also provided the crucial link between my interest in textiles, art and architecture.
By investigating new ideas and techniques I constantly pushing my limits.
In all my art pieces I have developed a recognizable style which enhances the theme and has its own specific charisma.
It is a challenge to make from everyday subject textile pieces of art with surprising effects. With my work I would like to lead the spectator to a visual confrontation. Whether the result is completely abstract or reality make abstract, the meaning will become clear by itself. It is my expressive way of a story in images.

When people asked me 'what inspires me?' In response of this question I make a poem 'My Images'.
I hope that this give you a impression of my way of working and thinking.

I live in this world,
in between things and impressions.
I observe
and take them in.

Everyday things.
I look for them,
encounter them
and show them.

A door, an alley, an animal,
a letter, a tree, a building.
Just the daily things, the everyday.

Small emotional monuments,
poetically magnified,
a stage for attention.

Accentuating, leaving out,
twisting, enlarging,
reducing, distorting, doubling.
My image in line, form and colour,

I am a monuARTal thinker

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Found Memory

Found MemoryW 46,45 x H 32,85 inch  

A colourful retrospective of a distant past.

Neurotic City

Neurotic CityW 47,64 x H 49,62 inch  

Street car

Street carW 23,82 x H 15,88 inch  

Time Fronts

Time FrontsW 48,83 x H 67,49 inch  

Human fashion is changing constantly. Trusted styles in the city change practically unnoticed. But the city continues to innovate unmistakably and therefore has the undeniably eternal youth. Past and present is clearly reflected in the facades. Time Fronts.

Front Door

Front DoorW 29,77 x H 42,47 inch